Monday, October 5, 2009

The Work of a Christian

The day itself is blessed by God. Doesn’t this mean that everything that it contains, everything that happens to us during it is within the will of God? Believing that things happen merely by chance is not believing in God. And if we receive everything that happens and everyone who comes to us in this spirit, we shall see that we are called to do the work of Christians in everything.

Every encounter is an encounter in God and in his sight. We are sent to everyone we meet on our way, either to give or to receive, sometimes without even knowing it. Sometimes we experience the wonder of giving what we did not possess, sometimes we have to pay with our blood what we give.

We must also know how to receive. We must be able to encounter our neighbor, to look at him, hear him, keep silence, pay attention, be able to love and to respond wholeheartedly to what is offered, whether it be bitterness or joy, sad or wonderful. We should be completely open and like putty in God’s hands. The things that happen in our life, accepted as God’s gifts, will thus give us the opportunity to be continually creative, doing the work of a Christian.

- Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom) of Sourozh

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