Friday, April 6, 2012

The Crucifixion and God's Plan for Love

Remember me, Lord, in your kingdom.

            The sweating of great drops of blood,
            The agony of your soul,
            Your head crowned with thorns driven in 
                        with the blows of the stick,
            Your weeping eyes,
            Your ears filled with reproaches
            Your mouth receiving drink of vinegar and gall,
            Your face defiled with shameful spitting,
Your neck loaded with the burden of the cross
            Your back ploughed with stripes and wounds from the scourge,
            Your hands and feet nailed through,
            The loud cry, My God, My God,
            Your heart pierced with a spear,
            The water and the blood that flowed,
                        Body broken,
                        Blood outpoured,

By all these,
Lord forgive the sins of your servant,
                        Cover all my sins,

O Lord, when they broke your commandment and fell.
You did not despise nor reject them,
But as a tender Father, you visited them in so many ways,
Granting them your great and precious promise 
               with the life-giving seed,
Opening to them the door of faith, and of repentance into life.

In the fullness of time you sent your Christ
To take on the seed of Abraham,
And in the offering of his life
He fulfilled, in perfect obedience
And in the sacrifice of death,
A ransom for the whole world,
And in his rising again, he gave us life.

O Creator of all things,
Your will is to return us to yourself,
That all should be partakers
Of your divine nature and eternal glory…

Blessed, praised, celebrated,
Magnified, exalted, glorified,
Hallowed be your name, the recalling,
The memory, and every memorial of it,
Now and forever.

Bp. Andrewes
As translated by David Scott

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