Friday, September 4, 2009

For Fridays: An Obsecration before the Crucifix

Lord, by this sweet and saving Sign,

Defend us from our foes and thine.

Jesus, by thy wounded feet,

Direct our paths aright:

Jesu, by thy nailed hands,

Move ours to deeds of love:

Jesu, by thy pierced side,

Cleanse our desires:

Jesu, by thy crown of thorns,

Annihilate our pride:

Jesu, by thy parched lips,

Curb our cruel speech:

Jesuby by thy closing eyes,

Look on our sin no more:

Jesu, by thy broken heart,

Knit ours to thee.

And by this sweet and saving Sign,

Lord, draw us to our peace and thine.

- Richard Crashaw, and others.

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