Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Bishop-elect for Oregon

Yesterday, the Diocese of Oregon in Convention elected the Rev’d Michael Hanley to be our next Bishop. Assuming the majority of Diocesan Bishops and Standing Committees in the Episcopal Church give their assent (and that seems highly likely), he will be consecrated the Tenth Bishop of Oregon on the Saturday after Easter. In the coming months we will look at the Consecration Liturgy from the Prayer Book in some detail, learning what the office of Bishop means to us, and what promises Fr. Hanley and we will be making at his ordination to the Episcopate.

For now, please keep him and his wife Marla in your prayers as they begin the often bitter-sweet process of moving from one part of God’s vineyard to another. Pray, too, for our Diocese that we may be given grace and guidance to return faithfully to the normal polity and operations of a Diocese of the Church after many months of operating in an irregular (though canonical) manner. We look forward to ministering the Gospel of Christ the King with our next Bishop.

Thanks be to God.

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