Monday, May 17, 2010

Why We Worship The Way We Do...

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True diversity is very difficult to maintain in a mass-marketing culture. The drive to package and "brand" every thing, every experience, every one is unrelenting. While we often hear about the virtues of inclusivity and diversity, what emerges from the mills of contemporary American religion is remarkably predictable: an echo of the mass-marketed advertising culture around us.

St. Timothy's remains committed to true diversity in liturgy. This does not mean we offer all types of worship. It does mean we remain committed to offering a consistent, thought-out, and living expression of a particular type of Christian worship, using elements of the Anglican tradition as expressed in the Book of Common Prayer (1979) and the Hymnal 1982 -- not rigidly, but with integrity. This way of worship may not appeal to everyone; but, then again, what is being churned out for "everyone" may not be entirely about worship, either.

Many other worship options exist. We are well aware of them. We have discerned a positive call to provide an alternative.

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