Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Prayer for Those in Need

This is a modernized version of a prayer compiled by bishop Lancelot Andrewes in the 17th century for use as part of daily intercession. Its simplicity is both arresting and powerful. It may be used after receiving the Mysteries in the Holy Eucharist (a time of special closeness to Christ), as part of one’s Daily Office prayers, or after times of personal intercessory prayer.

Intercession means, in effect, to "stand in the gap" with Christ the Great High Priest, to be part of His work of reconciliation in the ways He gives us. All Christians are called to do this work, both in prayer and in action:

Let us pray to the Lord:
For those wounded in spirit, sick in mind, and in great anxiety;
For those in peril of their life, those that are sick, those receiving medical treatment;
For captives, prisoners, especially those condemned to death;
For the poor, the oppressed, the desolate;
For women with child, in labor, and all young children;
For those away from home, travelers, pilgrims, wayfarers, and the homeless;
For all in any sort of jeopardy, especially those who do not pray, or have none to pray for them.
You, O Lord, are God at once of the living and the dead;
We are they whom the present world yet holds in the flesh;
They are those, unclothed of the body, the world to come has even now received:
Give to the living mercy and grace, to the + dead rest and life perpetual;
Give to the Church truth and peace, and to us sinners penitence and pardon. Amen.

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